The Authentic Heritage Collection

The hallmark with the most exclusive selection of spanish luxury hotels and cultural luxury venues.

Preiper Luxe

The Authentic Heritage Collection

PREIPER Luxe, boutique tourism consultancy specializing in luxury hospitality, presents this new brand with international vocation that brings together some of the most exclusive hotels, venues and experiential tourism companies in our country to promote them within and beyond our borders.

Madrid, November 2021 – Spain is a country with an unparalleled history, cultural diversity and gastronomy, a richness that together with the hospitality of its people has positioned the country as a reference tourist destination in the world. This differential value finds its maximum expression in small hotels and tourism projects that have behind them people committed to the authentic national heritage, companies with soul that understand luxury as the exclusivity offered in the smallest details and in the most authentic experiences. Since its founding in 2017, the tourism consultancy specializing in luxury hospitality, PREIPER Luxe, has maintained its firm objective of giving visibility and enhancing the wide variety of accommodations in this category in Spain. Now, it is taking another step in this direction with the creation of The Authentic Heritage Collection, a distinctive seal that recognizes and brings together some of the most special tourist establishments in our country.

Under this new brand identity, which encompasses a meticulous selection of hotels, unique and cultural spaces and experiential tourism companies, PREIPER Luxe will develop a unique project of national and international marketing of the collection. All members of the label will be able to benefit from the services of the consulting firm that provides them with solutions for the development of their business thanks to its team that works in commercial recruitment, offers them the public relations service to increase the visibility and reputation of the members that are part of its collection and communication solutions with national and international impact and, finally, offers them the know-how in the evaluation of the service offered in accordance with the highest standards of quality to ensure the best possible customer experience.

PREIPER Luxe’s firm commitment to differentiating tourism and specialization in a single destination, Spain, have led to this exhaustive selection of the members that become part of this collection. The Authentic Heritage Collection brings together some of the most genuine tourist establishments in our country and invites through them to discover Spain through a shared philosophy and vision of tourism. In total, 13 hotels and 7 establishments start this collection that plans to continue growing to offer under The Authentic Heritage Collection the most excellent level of tourism. This new seal, which differs from the rest because it is specialized in Spain and will coexist with others already existing in international environments, is also a further step to strengthen the work of the consultancy PREIPER Luxe to position our country in the foreign market as a luxury destination.

The collection includes among its members the boutique hotels Palacio de Luces, in Asturias; La Casa del Presidente, in Ávila; Atrio, in Cáceres; Palacio Helguera Boutique & Antique, in Cantabria; La Malvasía, in El Rocío; Casa Palacio María Luisa, in Jerez; Noa Boutique Hotel, in La Coruña; Palacio de Atocha, in Madrid; Gran Hotel Son Net, in Mallorca; Mas d’en Bruno (opening in January 2023), in Priorat; Eugenia de Montijo, in Toledo, and Casa Palacio Don Ramón (opening in 2022) and Palacio de Villapanés, in Seville, and cultural, meeting, event and experiential tourism spaces such as Palacio de Montarco, in Ciudad Rodrigo; Palacio de Congresos de Córdoba; Bodegas Valdespino, in Jerez; Palacio de Liria, in Madrid; Palacio de Monterrey, in Salamanca; Museo Chillida Leku, in San Sebastián, and Palacio de Las Dueñas, in Seville.

The Authenthic Heritage Collection seal has been created by the consulting firm specialized in luxury tourism PREIPER Luxe, a project born in 2017 by the drive and passion of Rafael Pérez Navazo, a professional trained in international tourism management in Switzerland and with 20 years of experience in the world of international sales and marketing.

Passionate about Spain’s diversity and cultural heritage, Rafael wanted to start his most personal project with the aim of promoting and communicating the right message of our country as a luxury destination rich in history, culture and gastronomy. Thus was born this boutique consulting firm specializing in differentiating tourism that since its inception has worked with and for the most representative and select hotels and spaces of our country offering the traveler in search of the most exclusive the best options to discover it.


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