The opportunity to go back 500 years in time just by crossing its threshold

Situated in the heart of the historic centre of Ciudad Rodrigo, the Montarco Palace is a monumental 15th century building designated to be of cultural interest in 1958 and forming part of the Spanish Historic Heritage.

During the Napoleonic War the palace was used as a headquarters for, among others, the Duke of Wellington, who was granted the title of Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo in recognition of his valuable contribution to the lifting of the city’s siege by a French army.

When visitors cross the threshold into the Montarco palace they travel 500 years back in time.


Ciudad Rodrigo

Ciudad Rodrigo was for centuries considered an important strategic location due to its closeness to the Portuguese frontier, leading to the construction of numerous defensive buildings which are nowadays among the city’s main tourist attractions.

Since Roman times, when it was called Mirobriga, Ciudad Rodrigo has left its historic mark in the province of Salamanca.

After centuries of growth, Ciudad Rodrigo passed through a decisive period during the Napoleonic Wars, when it was besieged twice: once in 1810 by Napoleon’s troops and then in 1812 when the Duke of Wellington and his soldiers reconquered the city.

Ciudad Rodrigo as a whole was designated a Historical/Artistic Site in 1944.

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