Known for its outstanding natural beauty, breathtaking architecture and compelling history, Spain is acountry that offers the very best experiences an exquisite traveler could imagine.
Preiper Luxe is your tailor-made luxury travel and hunting specialist, here to bring you the most exclusive experience, and a new and thrilling style of travel in one of the most beautiful and ancient regions in Europe.
You can enjoy a perfect balance of history, breathtaking natural landscapes and culinary delights. Above all, you will explore far beyond the regular tourist path, experience the unforgettable.
Our enthusiastic, welcoming and highly skilled team share a passion for the noble and traditional lifestyles of Spain. We strive to share this passion with you by creating unique itineraries that combine authenticity and comfort with elite service.
We care wholeheartedly about Nature, the quality of every single moment, and your complete satisfaction in an extremely friendly atmosphere.